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ICELAND Gospel Channel May 7-14 2022 Stefan & Maria Hallman

ICELAND GOSPEL CHANNEL 1992-2022 30 years, FIRST CHRISTIAN TELEVISION IN SCANDINAVIA, EUROPA. From its humble beginnings 1992 with a 10-WATT television transmitter can 30 years later reaches millions of homes with the GOOD NEWS Jesus Christ. ON SATELLITE 20 years! Anniversary on Wednesday, June 1, 2022, Gospel Channel celebrates 20 years on satellite, absolutely fantastic. 24 hours a day, day and night for 20 years, the message has spread about Jesus Christ the good news around the world. An incredible story of one man´s unshakable faith in the living God, Founder and the President ERIK ERIKSON and his beloved wife Kristin, invited us to Gospel Channel Iceland week 19. What an experience, 15 hours Live TV, we fundraise money, we helped in any way needed and would love to go back if God willing. Gospel City, headquarters two hours from Reyjkavik was a place of prayer and the Holy Spirit freedom   , it was like you were standing in a holy Place. As a gift gave Erik, Stefan five book of profet William Branham 1909-1965 books that also talked about the future WW3 and beyond. Here is some pictures; Gospel City, Erik Eriksson, Bishop Simon, Johannes, Magnus, Stefan & Maria Hallman and W.Branhams books.

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