Bakom ytan- Globalismens hemligheter

Stefan & Maria Hallman gästar 19 gånger på Kanal 10 Sportlovsveckan v.7

Stefan & Maria Hallman gästar Kanal 10 Sverige på Sportlovsveckan v.7
Inbjuden av Börje Claesson ägare av TV stationen Kanal 10 att medverka
i TV programmen Vi ber för Dig, 15 minuter med Börje och Lita på Gud
Tre program med repriser gav 19 tillfälle samma v.7.
Gå in på och se programmen med Börje Claesson och Stefan & Maria Hallman.
Program Tablå nedan:
Måndag 15/2 kl.18.45 “15 minuter med Börje”
kl.19.00 “Vi ber för Dig”
Tisdag 16/2 kl.02.45 “15 minuter med Börje” Repris
kl.03.00 “Vi ber för Dig” Repris
kl.10.45 “15 minuter med Börje” Repris
kl.11.00 “Vi ber för Dig” Repris
kl.18.45 “15 minuter med Börje”
Onsdag 17/2 kl.02.45 “15 minuter med Börje” Repris
kl.10.45 “15 minuter med Börje” Repris
kl.18.45 “15 minuter med Börje”
Torsdag 18/2kl.02.45 “15 minuter med Börje” Repris
kl.10.45 “15 minuter med Börje” Repris
kl.10.45 “15 minuter med Börje” Repris
kl.18.45 “15 minuter med Börje”
Fredag 19/2 kl.02.45 “15 minuter med Börje” Repris
kl.10.45 “15 minuter med Börje” Repris
kl.18.45 “LITA PÅ GUD”
Lördag 20/2 mitt i natten tid ?, Lördags f.m. tid ?
Kolla Tablå ang.tiderna för 20/2

Uppmuntran från USA!

Do not be fooled or deceived by what the media is claiming!
All of the respected and seasoned prophets are having this same word:
God is about to roar as the Lion of Judah and there will be an uncovering of the work of darkness;
all of the lies, deceit, crooked election results will come to light in the coming weeks.
Right now the enemy is celebrating, like when Jesus died on the cross.
The devil didn’t get it that in three days there would be resurrection.
Right now the “declared winners” are congratulating one another; they are popping the corks on their champagne bottles and
buying their inaugural clothes, but soon they will be exposed and sitting on a dung hill with sack cloth!
The Lord predicted in the mouth of many witnesses that Trump would serve 2 terms.
He is not a man that he should lie, and his prophets are not deceived.
All of have to stay steady, watchful, prayerful.
We are going to witness the acts of God seen in Old Testament epics, like the walls of Jericho falling down and Israel being rescued at the Red Sea.
Those great stories are just not interesting history, but a pattern of what God will do in these last days.
This is the church’s finest hour!  The battle raging in the spirit realm is more fierce than when Michael the Archangel fought the Prince of Persia during the time of Daniel the prophet.  Encourage all the Swedish and Scandinavian believers that out of the rubble of the media defeat will come the righteousness of God shining like the brightness of the sun.  This is not the end of the story for America.  Yes, she has sinned, but we who are called by HIs name have humbled ourselves and prayed and turned from our wicked way.  God has heard from heaven and he is about to heal our land.  He has heard the cry of 63 million babies that have been slaughtered by abortion; he hears the cries of abducted girls taken in human trafficking.  If the blood of one Able cried to God from the ground, how much more does the blood of all the innocents have a voice in the ears of God.
The word of the Lord to the American church…”Stand still and see the salvation of God.”
Please share this word and join us in America as we stand and believe God for great and mighty things that we have not yet seen!